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Please note that online audition is for the role of "QUEEN IDIA only" and for those not able to be physically present at the Audition in Benin City.

Before applying make sure you have the following ready:

  1. Resume

  2. Headshot (with no filter)

  3. Self Tape (Use the Sides below)

* Ability to speak the Edo Language is a plus.


I am but a woman - not a god. When

the morning sun rises, it only

shines on those whose bodies are

presented before it. I told you

that one needs to be ready when

destiny calls. That’s all I have

been to my husband, our husband.

And my son - getting them focused.


I can see how your “morning sun”

has smitten you with the news from

Benin. Your pregnant goat has had a

still birth. Ha! There is no

kingdom for the king anymore.

(Ohonmi laughs and walks off).


(addressing the

departing Ohonmi)

If I were you, I will not mock

the gods. My own




Weep not for me yet for I have many

lives. Mourn not, for in the womb

of time is the cord that‘ll bind

our union... the many joys that’s

to come. The many sorrows we have

had to stomach... I have it

planted... my son is king! I can

now live with death. And in death,

I leave me behind, in Osawe ne

rri’Esigie , one of my many lives.

Let the living not be counted

lucky... for in death, there’s

truly peace.

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